• Yangshuo F Hotel
  • Yangshuo Mountain View Retreat
  • Yangshuo Smiling Hotel
  • Guilin Utels
  • Yangshuo Yikuaiwa Restaurant

  • There are no shortage of rooms here in Yangshuo. Most of the rooms are from guesthouses or very basic hotels. However, there are now a good number of quality hotels for people in the mid to top end range. Places like the Smiling Hotel and Mountain View  Retreat have raised the standard of rooms available to visitors

    One of the most important things to note is that hotels in the center of Yangshuo can be noisy as there are many bars that stay open late. This has seen a growth in hotels in the countryside. Most of these offer the chance to stay in a beautiful location and affording their guests a good night's sleep

    There are numerous hotels in Yangshuo, however, most cater to the domestic market. In our website, we will focus on the other hotels

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