1. Guilin Private Tours customizes private tours and itineraries to meet the specific desires and budget of your organization.
2. Our services cater for any age, any kinds of people, mostly for small group and our tour is easy to see, enjoy and participate more.
3. Our private services is really making your trip to Guilin area leisurely, you will enjoy the trip here, not like in a big group over 30 tourists together and always follow the crowds.
4. We have a wide range of traveling including trekking, cycling, scooters, by car, van, or local bus, the price is from budget to luxury.
5. We will try our best to explore the places that not so many tourists visit.
6. We have very reliable tour guides in Guilin and Yangshuo area.
7. All meals are as per your specifications.
8. Freedom and flexibility - to join the planned itinerary, or choose from optional activities.
9. Travel with us is less expensive, more comfortable, and far easier than doing alone.The itineraries offered by us are planned with care and are carried out at a pleasant pace.

Guilin Classic Tours providing popular Guilin tours and Side Guilin Area Tailor-made Tours. We specialize in "Tailor-Made" and "Customized" individual, family and group tours throughout Guilin area. In fact, because we only do Guilin area, all our effort goes into making sure that your Guilin Classic Private Tours is the best it could possibly be.
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