Guilin city is located in south of China, Flying is the most convenient way to arrive in and depart from Guilin. Guilin has an international airport with connections most major domestic cities and even Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, Korea, Thailand and other European countries. The other options are by train, by bus from the main cities of China.
Guilin's new international airport is 30 kilometers west of the city and about a 40 minutes ride to Guilin city, one hour ride to Yangshuo(by high way), 2 and half hour to Longji Rice Terraces.

1. From Asia countries
Those from Asian countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, Korea( there are some non-stop flights from Japan and Korea to Guilin) you can take flights to Guangzhou, then take transmit flights from Guangzhou to Guilin (only 45 minutes). There are many flights from Guangzhou to Guilin each day.
From Thailand to Guilin: There are now regular non-stop flights from Bangkok to Guilin with Bangkok air. The flights depart on Wednesday, Friday and Sundays.
The flight number is PG618 departing at 13:10 and arriving at 16:50.

2. From Australia or New Zealand
You can take flight to Hong Kong, Shanghai or Guangzhou first then take transmitting flight to Guilin. The latest flight from Shanghai to Guilin is about 16:30 PM. The latest flight from Guangzhou to Guilin is about 21:30 PM.

3. From European and American countries
You can take flight to Shanghai,Beijing or Hong Kong first, then take transmitting flights to Guilin. Usually you can have much better rates for airfare if you book round way tickets to Hong Kong for coming & leaving mainland China.

It is always convenient coming from Hong Kong and there are two flights from Hong Kong to Guilin everyday. You can book the tickets easily from all over the world. It takes you about one hour to get to Guilin.

4.Flights from Hong Kong to Guilin
Flight KA700 departs at 18:45 and arrives at 20:10. This flight is operated by Dragon Air.
Flight CZ2302 departs at 20: 10 and arrives at 21:10. This flight is operated by China Southern.
You can buy tickets of flight and ferry from agents of Hong Kong, then take ferry from Hong Kong to Shenzhen Fuyong Port, the shuttle will take you to the Shenzhen airport.

5.Flight Schedule from Shenzhen to Guilin
Flight Number: CZ 3240 Departing Time: 10:10 Arrival Time: 11:10
Flight Number: CZ 3240 Departing Time: 14:15 Arrival Time: 15:15
Flight Number: CZ 3951 Departing Time: 19:15 Arrival Time: 20:15
Flight Number: ZH 9837 Departing Time: 20:20 Arrival Time: 21:20
Flight Number: CZ 3963 Departing Time: 20:50 Arrival Time: 21:55
Flight Number: ZH 9957 Departing Time: 21:00 Arrival Time: 22:00

By Bus from Shenzhen to Guilin Overnight Express Sleeper bus, this is cheap and comfortable, most buses are nice and clean and takes you about 9 hours to get to Guilin. you can buy the tickets from the Lowu Bus Station or the agents of Hong Kong. The price is about 250 Yuan from Shenzhen to Guilin by Sleeper Bus.

By Train from Shenzhen to Guilin The Lowu Train Station is very close to Lowu Bus Station.
The train from Shenzhen to Guilin
T38 departing time: 18:05 ,Arrival Time: 6:50 am the next day.
The price: hard sleeper is CNY250, Soft Sleeper is CNY380.
Guangzhou to Guilin You can also take the express train from Hong Kong to Guangzhou, then by bus, train or plane to Guilin.

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